On top of rebuilding transmissions, we also provide diagnostic services on most vehicles. We can service and repair the driveline for most makes and models, which involves the transmission, transfer case, front and rear differential, and drive shafts. During this process, we can provide your vehicle with both factory or non-factory remanufactured transmissions and components. We honor warranties ranging from 24-month/24,000 miles and 36-month/100,000 miles. At Jack Smith’s Transmission, we offer complete clutch repairs, including OEM-type parts, pilot bearing, throw out bearing, and resurface flywheels. We typically use LUK clutch kits and our warranties on clutch jobs are a solid 12-month/12,000 miles. We also provide brake and shock repairs, NC Emissions and Safety inspections, engine diagnostics, tune-ups, and general services and maintenance for both individual and fleet vehicles. We accept and work with most extended warranty companies and have full transmission fluid services.

Transmission Diagnostics

Automotive Service

Regular Service

The transmission of your vehicle is completely necessary for your vehicle to run and perform. Because it is such a major component of your engine, it can also encounter problems ranging from minor to major. It is important to have your transmission regularly serviced and maintained to allow it to work up to its full potential. We can perform a diagnostics test on your transmission if you feel like your vehicle may be experiencing any issues. The first two major signs that you need to have your transmission checked is if your car will not go anywhere, or if it is going but not smoothly.

There are different parts that go into building your transmission. These components all serve different purposes. The bell housing is a cone-shaped metal casing that can be visible to the human eye. The gears are made up of two forms: the main gears and the secondary gears. You need all of these to function properly in order for your transmission to perform all of its abilities. Transmission fluid is important because it allows all of the working pieces inside the transmission to remain lubricated while they are in constant motion. If you notice your transmission leaking a reddish-colored fluid, this is transmission fluid and you must get it fixed as soon as you can. The transmission filter works by passing all of the fluid in your engine and cleaning out any impurities and gunk allowing your gears to shift appropriately.

If you suspect that your transmission may have a leak, some places that you can personally check before consulting a professional technician are at the filler tube base, the drainage hole underneath the transmission, any space between the transmission and engine, or around the selector shaft, which is the rod that connects your gear shifter to the transmission. Another issue could be that your transmission fluid is leaking into the radiator, which does not mix with radiator fluid, and can cause further damage to another part of your engine.

It is important to have your transmission filter checked. It is a possibility that it may be clogged, and this can cause a decrease in transmission performance. It is an easier replacement job than actually having your entire transmission rebuilt or replaced.

Like all other components of your car, the transmission will begin to break down and gain wear-and-tear over time and extensive use. At Jack Smith’s Transmission and Automotive Services, we can provide a complete and thorough transmission rebuild. If you can and have personally checked to make sure there are no leaks and there is no visible damage regarding your vehicle’s transmission, but are convinced that there is something wrong with it, you may need to have your transmission rebuilt. It is very important to check all other elements beforehand as a complete transmission rebuild can be very costly. We do offer warranties on our rebuilt transmissions. It is best to keep your transmission regularly serviced and maintained to save you money and other engine malfunctions in the long run.

Transmission Rebuild

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Transmission rebuild, both auto and manual

Most people refer to a manual transmission as a “stick shift” and are typically found today in compact sports cars and high-performance vehicles, as well as large vehicles like buses or semi-trucks. Manual transmissions are known to get better fuel performance and provides the driver with a more interactive and self-controlled driving experience as opposed to automatic transmissions. However, you must treat a manual transmission much like an automatic transmission and take preventative measures when it comes to maintaining them. The cost is also a bit less when it comes to rebuilding manual transmissions.

On the other hand, automatic transmissions are found in most vehicles on the roads today. They require more upkeep and maintenance than manual transmissions. Problems can and most likely will occur in an automatic transmission if you allow it to go over the recommended servicing intervals. You can have issues such as overheating, slipping, or late shifting if your transmission has old fluid or filters. It is important to pay attention to any differences in your vehicle’s performance such as whistling or whining noises, unusual shifting, or leaks.

Transfer case rebuild

At “Jack Smith’s Transmission, we provide all the services required for the maintenance of your transfer case including inspection, removal, and repair of all parts. The transfer case is an important component of your transmission because it receives power sent by the transmission then send it to the front and rear axles to provide them with power, all while keeping the front and rear wheels in synchronized rotation. A transfer case is always found in a vehicle that is all-wheel drive or has the option for four-wheel drive, so if you are unsure if your vehicle contains a transfer case, know if your vehicle has this type of driving system.

We can rebuild your transfer case if any issues arise, such as feeling an all-wheel-drive vehicle losing grip in the front tires or if a truck’s four-wheel drive is not engaging. Most transfer cases can be rebuilt and repaired, however, some vehicles may require a complete replacement. Four-wheel drive vehicles need a transfer case in order to operate. Its purpose is to assist the vehicle in applying the appropriate amount of torque required by the vehicle operator. Transfer cases usually use gears, or a chain on newer models, to allow the vehicle to engage and maintain four-wheel drive. These parts require lubricants to properly operate and can wear down over time.

Front & rear differential rebuild

The differentials of your vehicle are responsible for transferring the engine’s power to the wheels. They allow adjustments to differences in the speed of the wheels as the vehicle is moving through turns. When you are navigating your vehicle through a turn, the inside wheel turns slower than the wheel on the outside, which is turning faster to maintain a specific pace in coordination with the inside wheel. The differentials allow the wheel to turn at different speeds while also maintaining control. Vehicles that are lacking differentials would hop along the pavement during a turn providing the driver with an unstable ride. All-wheel drive and four-wheel drive vehicles have front and rear differentials. Front-wheel drive vehicles have a differential on the front tires called a transaxle that combines the functions of the front axle with the transmission. Rear-wheel drive vehicles only have rear differentials. The main purpose of front and rear differentials in vehicles is to route and regulate power between the wheels.

Warranty Info

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We offer standard 24-month or 24,000-mile warranties on transmissions. All other warranties are up to three years or 100,000 miles. The remanufacturer issues a non-transferable limited warranty to the owner of the vehicle in which the component is installed. This warrants that the remanufactured part is free from defects in material or workmanship and that it is properly installed and maintained during a specific time (warranty) period. The remanufacturer will replace, repair, or refund the component in question before either the time limit or mileage occurs first. The 24-month/24,000 mile warranty applies to trucks that exceed one ton, excluding motor homes, and the 36-month/100,000 mile warranty applies to passenger and police cars, and light trucks up to ¾ ton excluding motor homes and other special use vehicles.

Transmission Maintenance

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Maintenance Is Key

Transmission repairs can be very costly. It is important to your vehicle’s performance and is a very complex system. The transmission retrieves power from the engine and converts it to power to supply high torque at low speeds. Proper maintenance of your transmission should be of the utmost importance for you to have an efficiently running vehicle. It is possible to have your transmission flushed, at your discretion and as the technicians suggest, which is basically what it sounds like. The old transmission fluid is removed and new oil is pushed through to unclog dirt, grime, and sludge then refilled with new oil.

Many vehicle owners might not know that transmission problems are among the most expensive repairs that are ever required of your vehicle. The transmission is such a complex system made up of many different pieces that are all working together to transmit mechanical power to your engine that determines the rate of speed at which you travel. In an automatic transmission, it relies on a torque converter to control the shifting of gears when you are driving. In a manual transmission, you control the gears by using a clutch system to engage the transmission.

The biggest problem that vehicle owners experience with their transmissions is simply service neglect. The fluids need to be properly attained and changed when necessary. Heat from the mileage friction can result in rough shifting between gears, accelerated wear and tear, and evidently complete transmission failure. It is essential to get your transmission serviced regularly to prevent all of these issues from occurring by keeping up with the fluid levels, making sure the parts are properly lubricated, and that all parts are installed only by professional technicians, such as ours at Jack Smith’s Transmission and Automotive Services.

Where all vehicles experience wear and tear over time and with high mileage, it is important to relate to our technicians the problems that your vehicle may be exposed to. If your vehicle is constantly exposed to extreme temperatures or heavy traffic, your car may experience more wear and tear on the transmission. Your vehicle will seriously reap the benefits if you provide your transmission with regularly scheduled services and maintenance. It can prolong the lifespan of your vehicle, as well as provide you with a smoother, more reliable daily car ride. These services can also reduce the chance of transmission component failure and result in the gears shifting smoother.

Some common signs of transmission problems include:

  • Slipping sensation between gears;
  • Feeling of late or hard shifting gears;
  • Loss of power during acceleration;
  • Any signs of leaking fluids;
  • Your vehicle’s check engine light is on;
  • The clutch pedal feels softer or like it is slipping;
  • The vehicle will start, but does not move;
  • The transmission is making grinding or chattering noises;
  • The transmission was flushed and caused problems or needs to be flushed for any potential blockages.

All of these may be signs that your transmission needs some service or maintenance or possibly a rebuild. At Jack Smith’s Transmission and Automotive Services, we would like to take the opportunity to restore your transmission to proper running conditions and ensure that your vehicle is safe from any faults.

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