Electrical System Repair Asheville NC

Electrical System Repair Asheville NC

Electrical System ( Starters, Alternators, Elec. Shorts, Lights )

The electrical system of a vehicle is compiled of several parts. The five main parts are the battery, starter, solenoid/relay, alternator, and fuse box. The battery works to store the power needed to start your vehicle, power the radio, clock, and car alarm when the engine is off. The alternator allows electrical devices like the ignition and engine controls to run. It is powered by a specific belt that is connected to the engine. The starter is the most important part of your car’s electrical system, which is required to power your entire vehicle. It utilizes the flywheel to turn the engine’s crankshaft and starts a combustion process in the engine. The solenoid/relay created compression in the cylinders by sending voltage from the battery to the starter. The fuse box connects every electrical component in your vehicle with wires or a wiring harness. It is designed to protect your car from short circuits or power overloads that could cause a fire. If a fuse is blown, it can be easily replaced.

Power Windows, Door Locks, and other Electrical problems

We understand how irritating it can be if your vehicle experiences any electrical malfunctions such as failure of power windows or power door locks. There is usually a simple explanation for these power failures like a blown or burned out fuse. However, if the problem is more severe, we will find the solution. This could involve a replacement of all electrical components involved in these features. Things that may suggest your vehicle is experiencing power failures could be the windows are no longer rolling up or down, and this could just be one window or all windows, as well as there being a lack of sound when unlocking or locking your doors. If you suspect this could be an issue, we will assess the problem and find a solution.

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