Clutch Repair Asheville NC

Clutch Repair Asheville NC

Clutches for both cars and trucks

Over time, your vehicle’s clutch can naturally degrade. As your car accumulates miles, the clutch disc will wear down if you do a lot of city driving requiring lots of stop-and-go and significant shifting. Aggressive driving and towing trailers can also cause clutch wear. If you are a casual driver, it will need to be serviced at some point.

Signs that your clutch may need service:

  • Clutch pedal is releasing higher than usual
  • ’Slipping’ sensation when accelerating after a stop
  • Grinding sound in between shifts to different gears
  • Feeling a ‘soft’ clutch pedal
  • Loss of clutch hydraulic fluid

We provide the following services:

  • Pressure plate replacement
  • Clutch disk replacement
  • Throwout bearing replacement
  • Replacement or resurfacing of the flywheel
  • Replacement of any hydraulic parts that are worn out

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