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Over time, your vehicle’s clutch can naturally degrade. As your car accumulates miles, the clutch disc will wear down if you do a lot of city driving requiring lots of stop-and-go and significant shifting.

Drive Shafts, U-Joints, Struts, and CV Axles

For the best performance and drivability of your vehicle, it is of utmost importance to have your driveshaft, axles, and CV joints regularly maintained.

Brakes ( Pads, Shoes, Rotors, Drums, Calipers, etc. )

One of the most important things about maintaining your vehicle is having your brakes respond the second you put your foot on it.

Test Drives (for diagnostics)

As North Carolina residents know, the weather can be very unpredictable and can cause some significant damage to your vehicle without your knowledge. During the changing seasons, it is important to have your vehicle serviced to check for any possible issues as a result of weather changes. While conducting a diagnostics test for your vehicle, our technician may ask about the nature of any problems your vehicle is experiencing, they will thoroughly inspect your vehicle, perform a computer diagnostics scan, and test drive your vehicle. This test drive is done only for the purpose of us figuring out any possible problems that we cannot physically see.

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Steering Systems (Rack & Pinion, Idler Arms, etc.)

The main function of your car’s steering system is to allow the wheels to move independently while keeping the car stable and suspended.

Suspension (shocks, struts, springs, rear air ride systems)

A vehicle’s suspension is made up of shocks and struts, and is often overlooked.

Ball Joints

Ball joints are important for your suspension system as it serves as the pivot point between the wheels and the rest of your suspension system.

Engine Cooling Systems (water pumps, thermostats, Radiators)

The cooling system of your vehicle is made up of a cooling fan, water pump, radiator, thermostat, and several other parts that work in unison to remove heat from the engine.

Sensors ( Oxygen sensors, TPS, Speed, ABS, and Mass Air Flow etc)

Oxygen sensors measure how rich or lean the gases are that exit the combustion chamber.

Tune Up's (Spark Plugs, Wires, EGR valves, Fuel Filters, Air Filters)

Regular tune-ups are essential to a properly functioning vehicle.

Oil Changes

At Jack Smith’s Transmission and Automotive Service, we aim to provide you with the best quality oil change possible.

Fuel System (Fuel Pumps, injectors)

The main objective of your fuel pump is to send fuel from its tank to the injectors, thus creating sufficient pressure to provide the precise amount of fuel to its desired location.

Electrical System ( Starters, Alternators, Elec. Shorts, Lights )

The electrical system of a vehicle is compiled of several parts. The five main parts are the battery, starter, solenoid/relay, alternator, and fuse box.

Battery Testing and replacement

We know how important it is to provide your vehicle with a properly functioning battery.

Power Windows, Door Locks, and other Electrical problems

We understand how irritating it can be if your vehicle experiences any electrical malfunctions such as failure of power windows or power door locks.

transmission repair asheville

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